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3D Printing Dog Feet Canine Patient Specific Implants Attenborough Medical

Treating Elbow Dysplasia

A rescue dog was badly injured in elbow dysplasia, 3D printed anatomical models were used for surgical simulation. Anatomical models are made to order from CT scans. As a digital technology, 3D planning is progressively being integrated with the internet, enabling surgeons to engage directly in the design process, and allowing true consumer personalisation. This […]
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Boxer Locked Jaw Solution

A boxer suffering from a locked jaw caused discomfort while chewing. He developed an atrophy of muscles and was unable to eat properly, resulting in further complications. Many canines will now show signs of the various lockjaw conditions until there is evidence of a problem like visible pain or paralysis to the jaw. 3D surgical […]
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Attenborough Medical Canine Patient Specific Implant

Molly the Cavalier Spaniel

‘3d printing will transform surgery, generally. No question revolution is about to happen.’ – Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick. After doing a presentation explaining our bespoke solutions, we were lucky enough to be approached by Prof. Noel Fitzpatrick, who’d been in the audience, and invited us to do an episode on his show The Supervet in the […]
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