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Discover Our Bespoke Solutions

We use innovative, high-end technology to create patient-led solutions for surgeons

We are dedicated to delivering the finest patient-specific implants to clients using our new digital solutions with integrated patented computational modelling to improve the long term reliability and the patient outcomes. Our aim is to design, develop, manufacture and evaluate efficiently and rapidly, with increased level of precision and predictability of the outcome at a cost affordable to our clients.

Our full digital manufacturing workflow includes imaging processing, 3D modelling of hard and soft tissue, design and fabrication of the patient specific implant, and 3D simulation to offer pre-surgery preparation/planning and predictable post-surgery outcome. By using patent in-silico testing we optimise the design and product life time for each individual implant.

Current methods are limited by lack of simulation of hard and soft tissue behaviour during and after surgery, both aspects are addressed in our patented service thereby improving quality of implant and increase the surgical success rate. Our dedicated team continuously strive for excellence to help in every single step in the process.

Jaw 3D Scan Attenborough Medical

We have extended the options available to surgeons when planning surgery. The ability to accurately predict and reduce the margin of error associated with placement of implants is particularly important and valuable, in this context, surgical decision making and improving the outcomes for patients with different needs. The 3D virtual design of the implant is viewed through “Share Screens” over the web to allow surgeon interaction and pre-surgical planning. In this case, surgeon can review the design of the implant as well as rehearse the implant placement.

We offer wide range of manufacturing techniques and the main manufacturing methods are Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Subtractive Manufacturing (Multi Axis milling and grinding) in a wide variety of Bio-compatible materials including CP Ti, Ti64, PEEK, Airconia and HA. Our patented technology allow us to create different surface finishes to improve functionality, enable osseo-integration, promote cellular differentiation and prevent infection. We are also able to manufacture any complex design feature for the restoration of a patient’s quality of life.

Discover our bespoke solutions & case studies

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Explore Our Full Project Management Process

Upload Scan

Send us your scan by uploading it using the link at the top of the landing page.

Data Segmentation 2d into 3d

Data segmentation enables us to turn 2D image (Dicom) into 3D models enabling us to create a design specific to each individual patient.

Online Collaborative Design - with Surgeon (iterative)

By developing a unique combination of the latest technology we have extended the options available to surgeons when planning surgery. We will work hand in hand with the surgeon to come up with a bespoke solution to your medical needs.


We can simulate how the implant will interact with your body, and can identify and fix any potential issues that may arise. It enables us to see how the implant interacts with hard and soft tissue and gives us a detailed scope of the end product.


By integrates design optimisation tools to validate the lifetime of the each implant and analyse it to the fines of detail before commencing manufacturing. The outputs improve the implant quality and performance and simulation of the surgical outcome as well as the implant lifetime and performance prediction in-silico.


The manufacturing is done using the latest high-tech machines including additive and subtractive manufacturing. we have also developed innovative high accuracy manufacturing strategies and parameters which have been carefully investigated and developed to allow the implant fit precisely onto the bone surface.

Surface Coating and Finishing

We are offering surface coatings of the implant to differentiate cellular growth to allow osseointegration at the perimeter contact with hard tissues but also to promote soft tissue growth.


All our work is checked once completed and must pass a stringent guideline before shipping as well as ensuring it complies with the industry regulations.


The product is shipped from our lab safely and securely in next day courier service.