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Our Full Project Management Solution

1. Scanning

How to secure optimal scanning results:

- Patient scans must be current and precise.

- The spatial resolution of the scans should range between 0.75 and 1.25mm but not exceed 2mm

- Avoid movement during the scanning process.

- Save the entire scan (including all sub-files) as a DICOM file.

2. Data Preparation

How to prepare your data:

- To process your request as speedily as possible, we need your scanning data in a single compressed file in ZIP or RAR format.

- You can send your data on CD by post or PACS secure system.

4. Manufacturing & Delivery

Patient specific implants are always shipped with the corresponding anatomical model.

Anatomical models and patient specific implants are delivered non-sterile. Please observe and follow the cleaning and sterilisation instruction provided. The implants must be sent through the entire cleaning, disinfecting and sterilisation cycle prior for use.

Anatomical models may never be cleaned and sterilised. Be sure to remove the patient specific implant prior to cleaning and sterilisation.

3. Data Transmission

Important Information to be provided:

- Name of patient.

- Name and hospital of treating physician.

- Patient Specific Implant or anatomical model or both.

- Additional order information and comments, e.g. material preferred, thickness, sketch in outline etc.

- Scheduled date of operation / request delivery date for the implant.